Other Dissemination Events and Meetings:

September 2021 

Erika Besuspariene, Aušra Nausėdienė, Laura Girdžiūtė, Anastasija Novikova „Youth motivation to work in agriculture: Lithuanian case study“ on-line scientific conference „Chalengers of Econoics, Educations and Society Development in the Nordic – Baltic Countries and beyound“ 2021-09-08

Laura Girdžiūtė, Erika Besusparienė, Aušra Nausėdienė, Anastasija Novikova „ Youth opinion about work in agriculture: evidence from Lithuania“ The 10th International Scientific Conference „Rural Development 2021: Challenges for Sustainable Bioeconomy and Climate Change“, 21-23 September, 2021

Sacurima CA16123 Online/in person Workshop in Lisbon

Sacurima meeting program in Lisbon

Meeting Presentations:

Portuguese agric in numbers

Why Sacurima is needed_RR

SACURIMA Workshop Lisbon W2

SACURIMA workshop WG3 presentation 20210903

Sacurima WG 4 presentation

Spreading the message of safety culture and risk management among farmers

EU-OSHA’s role and possible future plans in the agriculture sector

Review on the future of Agriculture and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

Agricultural safety culture case examples for making farms safer place to work

Looking to the future – new challenges and opportunities for the development of sustainable agriculture

Future of agriculture safety culture network – Peter Lundqvist

May 2021

Sacurima CA16123 Online MC Workshop Meeting, May 27, Helsinki. Meeting notes

Biosystems Engineering Conference 2021, 5-7.5.2021, Tartu, Estonia. Presentations by Sacurima COST Action members:

Merisalu, E. 2021. Trends on work accidents in agriculture in EU countries.

John McNamara, J. 2021. Promoting Farmer occupational safety and health (OSH) services through Extension.

Leppälä, J., Karttunen, J., Van Den Broucke, S. and Rautiainen, R. 2021. Development of Farm Safety Culture in Finland.

April 2021

Towards safer farms – Understanding farm safety cultures – BeSafe Research Seminar (Online)
April 27th 2020, BeSAFE Project, Teagasc. Program.

International Symposium on Work in Agriculture 29 March – 1 April 2021, Clermond-Ferrand, France. The Symposium brought together an international community around issues and future of work in agriculture.

September 2020

Prof. Laura Girdžiūtė, Vytautas Magnus University: Presentation of Sacurima – CA 16123: Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture in International Conference of “Possibilities and perspectives for common research projects for studies and science”,  29th September, 2020, on Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy, Vilnius, Lithuania.

June 2020

Sacurima Working Group 5 organized Online Policy Webinar: Policy Recommendations for Improving Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture (COST Action CA16123)

Host: Risto Rautiainen, Finland – Sacurima Action Chair
Moderator: Pat Griffin, Ireland – Sacurima Communication Manager

November 2019

Stephan Van den Broucke, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Psychological Sciences Research Institute. Presentation: Evaluation of safety culture in agriculture. In: 6th SAYKAD CONGRESS – International Health Related Quality of Life Meeting Izmir, 21-23 November 2019.

October 2019

Call for major Policy Change in the Revised CAP for Agriculture. Sacurima Working Group 5 meeting with EU Policy Makers, 14-15.10. 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

August 2019

Ramos Athena, UNMC, USA International collaboration to improve safety culture and risk management in vulnerable populations in agriculture. Western Regional Ag Health and Safety Conference (August 2019; Seattle, Washington). Poster

May 2019

Lundqvist Peter, SLU, Sweden. Health & Safety in European Agriculture – organization, legislation and support. • 39th International Colloquium of the International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in Agriculture, May 15-17 2019. Cordoba, Spain. Poster

McNamara John, TEAGASC, Ireland. Farm Health and Safety Adoption In Ireland through Engineering and Behaviour. Key note speech. BSE 2019: International Conference on Biosystems Engineering 2019. Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Technology. Tartu, Estonia, May 8-10.

September 2018

Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agricluture (Sacurima)- Conference Session in Nordic Meeting on Agricultural Occupational Health & Safety. 13.9.2018, Hurdal, Norway. NMAOHS-Norway-Program-2018

May 2018

J. Leppälä, M. Jakob, E. Merisalu, R. Rautiainen. Quality of EU statistics on work accidents in agriculture – a country comparison. In: BSE 2018: Biosystems Engineering Conference 2018 Tartu 9-11.5. 2018.

April 2018

McNamara John, TEAGASC, Ireland. Farm safety education: a chance to improve safety and health literacy among … International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH) -Dublin May 2018. ICOH SACURIMA poster

International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH) -Dublin May 2018
E U Cost Action SACURIMA Vice Chair Dr John McNamara participated in the triennial International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH)which took place in Dublin, Ireland in May. At the congress he presented a poster on the work of EU COST SACURIMA while a follow-up Abstract was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Accompanying photo:  Dr John McNamara with Professor Kazultaka  Kogi,  former  President of ICOH and ILO.

E U Cost Action  SACURIMA Vice Chair Dr John McNamara  participated as an invited panellist in the  EU Agri Research  Conference: Innovating for the Future of Farming and Rural Communities  held in Brussels , Belgium  on 2-3 May 2018. The Conference  considered how to shape the future of agriculture  research and innovation after  2020. Dr McNamara suggested the need  for greater  inclusion of  farmer  related occupational health and safety  in future agri-research programmes.

John McNamara (left)  with EU Commission Policy Coordinator   Mr Luis  Vivas- Alegre

January 2018

Colosio, C. Sacurima COST Action. In: International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in Agriculture 30 th January 2018, Warsaw, Poland.

October 2017

Rautiainen, R. & Leppälä, J. Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture (SACURIMA). In: ICOH Symposium Education in OSH, Zagreb, 28.10. 2017.

August 2017

Leppälä Jarkko, LUKE, Finland.  Sacurima COST Action: Towards Better Safety Culture in Agriculture. In: Joy at work – NES 2017, August 19-23, Lund, Sweden.

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