The main aim and objective of this Cost Action in Agriculture is to explore the reasons why agriculture, one of the most dangerous occupations in Europe, continually lags behind improvements made in occupational health and safety in other major economic sectors. Statistics show agriculture to be consistently ranked in the most dangerous occupations across Europe but also show great differences in national fatality, injury and illness rates.

This Cost Action will explore the various approaches in prevention and compliance programs across Europe and the wider world and attempt to identify why some countries have been more successful than others in reducing work related injury and illness in the agriculture sector. To achieve this the Cost Action has established 5 Working Groups.


Sacurima COST Action considered as a success story

COST have published a success story about SACURIMA: “Improving health and safety in European Agriculture with SACURIMA”. Read the article in here.


Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture Report Publication has been published. You can find the report from here.



Safety Culture on a farm – video


See all our videos about Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture:


EU COST Action SACURIMA participates in European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) workshop series ‘Science for policy across the EU’.


Look for Sacurima policy recommendations to improve safety culture and risk management in agriculture.

The SACURIMA action strives to define what safety culture is within agriculture, to understand how safety culture can be measured, to identify the underlying behavioural and contextual factors, and to find better ways to improving OSH in agriculture from a policy and practical point of view.