MC VIII Meeting In Lisbon, September 1-3, 2021

MC VIII Meeting Program

Workshop presentations

Photos from the Lisbon MC Meeting

MC VII Meeting In Krakow, March 13, 2020

MC VII Meeting Program

MC VII Meeting Minutes


MC VI Meeting in Milan, September 19, 2019

MC VI Meeting Program

MC VI Meeting Minutes


MC V Meeting In Novi Sad, March 22, 2019

MC V Meeting Program

MC V Meeting Minutes


MC IV Meeting in Hurdal, September 11, 2018

MC IV Meeting Program

MC IV Meeting Minutes


MC III Meeting in Dublin, March 15, 2018

MC III Meeting Program

MC III Meeting Minutes


MC II Meeting in Zagreb,  October 31, 2017

MC II Meeting Program

MC II Meeting Minutes


Kick-off meeting in Brussels,  March 17, 2017

The first MC meeting of an Action marks the official start date of the Action. The first Action

MC meeting is always organised, administered and funded centrally by the COST Association

administration in Brussels.

MC Meeting minutes and agenda



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