May 28, 2024

Dear SACURIMA members,

 It is with deepest regret that we announce the sudden and untimely passing of our dear colleague and friend Petya Stavreva who passed away following a short illness earlier this month. 

Petya who joined the SACURIMA Cost Action was a remarkable, gentle, kind, intelligent and professional person, full of life who brought joy and wisdom to those around her. In her professional work and personal life she always sought to abide by the highest principles and to help others. She worked tirelessly to improve the working lives of all who worked in Agriculture, and with her experience as an MEP in the European Parliament opened many doors for the SACURIMA Cost Action and made a significant contribution.  Petya is remembered by us as a beautiful soul with quiet confidence, endless positive energy, and a forward looking mind. She became a valued friend and a key member with her outstanding policy skills, high-level connections, and a deep understanding of what is needed to improve the life of farmers and agricultural workers.

 She will be remembered and sadly missed by all who were lucky enough to meet her. 

 SACURIMA Communications Team


June 27, 2023

Sacurima results by Heiberg, Rautiainen and Leppälä was presented in ISASH conference poster presention, June 18-12, Tampa, FL. Authors: . See the Sacurima poster ISASH 2023:


June 27, 2023

Safehabitus EU project has started to continue Sacurima work:

SafeHabitus is a multi-actor project that aims to strengthen Farm Health and Safety Knowledge Innovation Systems (FHS KIS) and support the EU transition to social sustainability in farming. Through novel methods and a collaborative approach, the project aims to advance safer practices on farms across the EU. See the Safehabitus project website:

The news about the project are now also available here.


October 25, 2022

Presentation of EU Farm Safety report to EP AGRI Committee by Alun Jones (CIHEAM),  See the video of the presentation.

October13, 2022

Sacurima COST Action considered as a success story

COST have published a success story about SACURIMA: “Improving health and safety in European Agriculture with SACURIMA”. Read the article in here.

September 30, 2021

Sacurima CA16123 report is published online

Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture Report Publication has been published. You can find the report from here.

September 21, 2021

Sacurima COST Action participated in 76th General Assembly of United Nations UNGA76 meeting

EU COST Action SACURIMA Chair Professor Risto Rautiainen provided a presentation at Science Summit at 76th General Assembly of United Nations UNGA76. Sacurima Action took part in in a COST Workshop, which produced the UN department Advice and Guidance from 10 Action on how to achieve policy impact. See the meeting Report and further information from here.


Meeting with Commissioner of Agriculture, Wojciechowski 

Sacurima COST Action, represented with Working group Dissemination, had a very productive meeting with EU Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski and representatives of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel’s office about how to secure Health and Safety, Safety Culture, well being  and sustainability of farmers, and also the need for a new HS policy in the new Common Agricultural Policy.

See the meeting presentation.


Sacurima COST Action closing meeting in Lisbon

Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture Report Publication has been published in the Sacurima COST Action closing meeting in Lisbon, September 1-3, 2021. Further information from MC Meetings.


New Plan Launched to Improve Farm Safety and Save Lives- Irish health and Safety Authority

The Farm Safety Action Plan 2021-2024 aims to reduce the level of fatalities, serious injuries and ill health in the agriculture sector.

Farm Safety Action Plan Press Release

Presentation on COST Action SACURIMA at 25th European Seminar on Extension & Education, June 2021.

A presentation took place at 25th European Seminar on Extension & Education, 21-23rd June 2021 at Teagasc Ballyhoos Agricultural College, Cavan, Ireland. The presentation  by COST Action SACURIMA Vice Chair was entitled: Learning from Virtual Networking among EU COST Action collaborations The Presentation is available in the conference proceedings (pp. 123-125)  and at:


Sacurima CA16123 Training School event:

Training School Program: International Training School On Improvement the safety culture and risk management in agriculture, 26 – 28 of July, 2021 – Institute of Technology, Estonian University of Life Sciences (Virtual meeting). See further information:


EU COST Action SACURIMA participates in European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) workshop series ‘Science for policy across the EU’

EU COST Action CA16123 – Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture – SACURIMA was selected as a case study of how a COST Action could actively seek to influence policy. Read more.

Highlighting science for policy activities, SACURIMA Vice-Chair Prof. John McNamara provided a presentation to participants about Action’s successful contribution to EU policy initiatives.

John McNamara 

Upcoming webinar

Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies are involved in a project about animal health and reduction of antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance. It is a Horizon2020 project named DISARM and it is hosting a webinar (in English) on 14th of April at 4pm CET to share more information about the DISARM project and our work, and offer an interactive Q&A session where you can find out more about what DISARM can offer and how we can work together. Register here

Latest Results

SACURIMA – Policy Impact Recognition

Last year, our action was invited to participate in an EU COST Action policy workshop to produce guidance on how COST Actions could approach gaining policy engagement for their work. EU COST Action SACURIMA was among 10 ‘Highly effective’ COST Actions invited to participate in the Workshop. The Workshop Report ‘Actions to Actions’ has many quotes of the accomplishments of SACURIMA and we would like to compliment all our members whose contributions have led to this recognition.

Risto Rautiainen Chair/ John McNamara Vice Chair, EU COST Action, Sacurima


Video 3

Sacurima have published a new video about vulnerable workers in Agriculture. Vulnerable agricultural populations are for example (1) foreign-born farmworkers, (including both immigrants and refugees); (2) migrant and seasonal farmworkers; (3) beginning farmers (those with <5 years of experience); (4) farm families (including women, children, and older adults); and (5) farmers and farmworkers with physical, mental health, or intellectual disabilities.

You can watch the video from Sacurima video number 3.


Latest  seminar presentation from Sacurima COST Action:

Sacurima – CA 16123: Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture was presented by prof. Laura Girdžiūtė  from Vytautas Magnus University in an international online seminar of “Possibilities and perspectives for common research projects for studies and science”,  29th September, 2020, on Vytautas Magnus University Agrculture Academy, Vilnius, Lithuania.


Policy recommendations and initiatives

Sacurima COST Action members have made policy initiatives to promote safety culture and risk management activities in agriculture. See the policy recommendations or our Working Group meeting in Brussels.



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