Videos made by Sacurima COST Action 

Video number 3.

Cost Action SACURIMA has defined groups of vulnerable populations in agriculture. This include the very young and the very old, new farmers and farmworkers, foreign-, immigrants-, seasonal- and migrant workers and workers with traumatic injuries or disabilities. This video points out what can be done to improve health and safety, and also the need for common policy to improve health and safety for vulnerable populations in agriculture. The video was published on April 2020.

Sacurima video number 3.


Video number 2.

Video about farm injuries and importance of safety culture and risk management in agriculture work. Farming is one of the most hazardous occupations. From the moment farmers and farm workers walk onto the farm, they are entering a potentially very dangerous workplace. Farming has to be a safer and healthier place to work if we are to ensure the next generation of farmers and the sustainability of food production. At policy level we need to ensure that farmers have the skills and competence to make sure that they can achieve the highest standards of safety on their farms. This video was published on March 2019.

Sacurima video number 2.


Video number 1.

Farmer’s thoughts about what Safety Culture means for him, and why this Cost Action about Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture points out why it is important to create strong EU & National Policies that will support and encourage the right mindset and build a safety culture, to improve safety on farms. The first Sacurima video was published on January 2019.

Sacurima video 1. 



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