Working Group 1:

Identify and evaluate health and safety programmes and approaches on the national level.

Working Group 1 will produce a comprehensive inventory of national approaches developed to improve agricultural safety and health in participating countries.

Meetings and Workshops:

WG1 Meeting Zagreb, 2017

WG 1 Meeting, Dublin 2018

WG 1 results 2018 Hurdal, Norway

WG 1 Meeting Novi Sad, Serbia 2019

WG 1 Meeting Milan, Italy 2019

WG 1 Meeting Montenegro 2020

Podgorica WG 1 Workshop 2020


Lundqvist Peter, SLU, Sweden. Health & Safety in European Agriculture – organization, legislation and support. • 39th International Colloquium of the International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in Agriculture, May 15-17 2019. Cordoba, Spain. Poster.

E. Merisalu, J. Leppälä, M. Jakob,  R. Rautiainen. (2019). Quality of EU statistics on work accidents in agriculture. Agronomy Research 17. 2019.

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