Sacurima Management Structure

Sacurima COST Action is managed by the Management Committee meeting and the MC members. The MC meeting coordinate and organise the Action’s scientific and networking activities in line with the objectives specified in both the Action’s MoU and the approved Work and Budget Plans. MC members are national representatives of each COST Full or Cooperating Member nominated by COST National Coordinators (CNC) to take charge of the coordination, implementation and management of an Action’s activities as well as supervising the appropriate allocation and use of the COST funds with a view to achieving the Action’s research coordination objectives and capacity building objectives.

The Management Committee representatives to organize and lead the COST Action meetings and activities are given to Core Group, which is led by the Action Chair.

Grant Holder is the legal entity responsible for the administrative and financial implementation of the COST Action. The Grant Holder representatives in the COST Action are Scientific Representative, Grant Manager, Financial Manager and Legal Manager. The Grant Holder Scientific Representative is coordinating activities and communication between the MC, the Grant Holder and COST Office.

Cost Association Science Officer from the COST Office is monitoring the COST Action activities and regulations.

Sacurima MC Core Group:

Sacurima MC Coordination:

Prof. Risto Rautiainen, Action chair

Dr. John McNamara, Vice chair

Dr. Jarkko Leppälä, Scientific Representative


Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM):

Prof. Claudio Colosio, STSM Manager

Dr. Federica Masci, STSM Vice Manager

Training Schools:

Dr. Catherine Laurent, Training School Manager

Prof. Sonja Sbrinovska, Training School Vice Manager

ITC Conference Grants:

Dr. Natasa Janev, ITC Manager


Pat Griffin, Communication Manager

Helle Birk Domino, Communication Vice Manager

Working Groups:

Working Group 1:

Dr. Martina Jakob, WG 1 Leader

Prof. Peter Lundqvist, WG 1 Vice Leader

Working Group 2:

Prof. Stephan Van Den Broucke, WG 2 Leader

Prof. Jose Rato Nunes, WG 2 Vice Leader

Working Group 3:

Prof. Laura Girdziute, WG 3 Leader

Prof. Joze Staric, WG 3 Vice Leader

Working Group 4:

Prof. Eda Merisalu, WG 4 Leader

Dr. Aurelie Berthet, WG 4 Vice Leader

Working Group 5:

Anne Marie Heiberg, WG 5 Leader

Helle Birk Domino, WG 5 Vice Leader


Sacurima Administration:

Cost Association

Estelle Emeriau, Science Officer

Katchamon Nimprang,

Administrative Officer


Grant Holder (GH), Natural Resources Institute (Luke):

Dr. Jarkko Leppälä, Scientific Representative

Ms Aila Suokas, Grant Manager

Dr. Janne Artell, Financial Manager

Dr. Sari Forsman-Hugg, Legal Manager


The Sacurima managers and members are presented in the Members section.







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