Occupational health and safety in agriculture – a brief report on organization, legislation and support in selected European countries

Martina Carola Jakob, Dushica Santa, Kari Anne Holte,Inger Johanne Sikkeland, Björn Hilt, Peter Lundqvist

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Sacurima CA16123 report publication:

Leppälä, J., Griffin, P., McNamara, J. & Rautiainen, R. (eds.). 2021. Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture : Sacurima Cost Action CA16123 Highlights and Conclusions. Natural resources and bioeconomy studies 63/2021. Natural Resources Institute Finland. Helsinki. 81 p

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Sacurima CA16123 article publications:

Athena K. Ramos , Laura Girdžiūtė , Jože Starič & Risto H. Rautianinen (2020): Identifying “Vulnerable Agricultural Populations” at Risk for Occupational Injuries and Illnesses: A European Perspective, Journal of Agromedicine, DOI:10.1080/1059924X.2020.1771498  To link to this article: https://doi.org/10.1080/1059924X.2020.1771498

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