Questions and general information about Sacurima Action:

Action Chair: Risto Rautiainen

Vice Chair: John McNamara

Scientific Representative: Jarkko Leppälä


Participation and joining in COST Actions


STSM visits:

STSM manager: Claudio Colosio

STSM Vice manager: Federica Masci


ITC Conference visits:

ITC manager: Natasa Janev Holcer


Training Schools:

Training School manager: Catherine Laurent

Training School Vice manager: Sonja Srbinowska



Communication manager: Pat Griffin

Communication Vice manager: Helle Birk Domino


Working groups and Core Group contacts


General questions about COST Actions:

COST Action Science Officer: Estelle Emeriau, COST Association

Avenue du Boulevard – Bolwerklaan 21
1210 Brussels

 +32 2 533 38 00

General enquiries:




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