Working Group 4 is developing means and indicators for monitoring progress and evaluating the impact of interventions across participating member countries on reducing injuries and illnesses in agriculture.




Working Group 4 Meetings:

Krakow 2020

WG 4 Meeting Milan 2019

WG 4 Meeting Novi Sad 2019

WG4 Meeting Hurdal, Norway 10.9.2018

WG 4 Meeting Dublin 14.3. 2018

WG4 Meeting Antalya 2018

WG4_Meeting Zagreb 2017


Workshop Meeting Antalya 2018 

Dissemination results:

Mc Namara, J., Leppälä, J., van der Laan, G., Colosio, C., Jakob, M., Vander Broucke, S., Girdziute, L., Merisalu, E., Heiberg, A.M., Rautiainen, R. 2018. Safety Culture and Risk Management in Agriculture (SACURIMA). Occup Environ Med 75(Suppl 2):A1–A650.

Merisalu, E., Leppälä, J., Rautiainen, J., Collosio, C. (2018). Strenghts and weaknesses of existing data collection mechanisms about health surveillance in EU countries. Workshop Meeting, Antalya, Turkey, 7 March 2018. (oral presentation).

Jarkko Leppälä, Martina Jakob, Eda Merisalu, Risto Rautianen. (2018). Quality of EU statistics on work accidents in agriculture – a country comparison. 9th International Conference on Biosystem Engineering BSE2018. Tartu, EULS, 9-11.05.2018.

Anni Enn. (2018). Dynamics of non-fatal and fatal work accidents in agriculture in the past decade in Estonian agriculture. 9th International Conference on Biosystem Engineering. BSE2018. Tartu, EULS, 9-11.05.2018.

Merisalu, M. Jakob, J. Leppäla, R. Rautiainen. Strengths and weaknesses of existing data collection mechanisms. National Meeting on Agricultural Occupational Health and Safety (NMAOHS), Hurdalsjön Hotel, Norway. 11.09.2018.

Anni Enn. (2018). Mapping of work accidents in Estonian agriculture. The 1st international conference on ergonomics „Ergonomics 20 * Estonia 100“. Abstracts book. EMU, Tartu, 25.10.2018.

Merisalu, J. Leppälä, M. Jakob, R. Rautiainen. (2019). Quality of EU statistics on work accidents in agriculture. Agronomy Research. Submitted 15.10.2018. In progress.

Enn, A. Prevalence and dynamics of WAs in Estonian Agriculture in 2008-2017. 2018. Master Thesis. Tartu, EULS, 107 pp. (MSc)

Enn, A., Merisalu, E. 2019. Dynamics of WA incidence by severity, gender and lost workdays in Estonian agricultural sector and sub-sectors in 20082017. Agronomy Research.

Enn, A., Merisalu, E. 2019. Causes and outcomes of WAs in Agriculture: a critical review. Safety and Health at Work (2nd half of the year)

Sourtzi, P.,  Masci, F. Merisalu, E., Rooij, Ad de, J. Leppäla, R. Rautiainen,. Critical review on incidence and causes of WAs in Agriculture in EU countries.


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