Coming Events

September 2021

  • Closing of Sacurima COST Action

November 2020

  • Sacurima Core Group web meeting
  • Sacurima eVote about next activities

Past Events

October 2020

  • WG5 policy group meeting
  • Core Group web meeting about Horizon Europe planning

September 2020

  • Sacurima extension application to COST Association
  • Website training for new website users

August 2020

  • MC eVote meeting about activity changes due to Covid-19 situation.
  • Agriculture safety culture questionnaire data finished and sent to WG2 leader Stephan Van Den Broucke

July 2020

June 2020

May 2020

  • Final Action Dissemination (FAD) Grant request applied to COST Association
  • Work and Budget plan made and signed for the Action Period 4

April 2020

  • WG 3 video about vulnerable populations in agriculture was published
  • eVote meeting about the W&B plan and Krakow meeting items

March 2020

  • MC meeting in Krakow, Poland
  • Core Group meeting in Krakow
  • Sacurima workshop meeting in Krakow

January 2020


Past year events





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