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International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH) -Dublin May 2018
E U Cost Action SACURIMA Vice Chair Dr John McNamara participated in the triennial International Congress on Occupational Health (ICOH)which took place in Dublin, Ireland in May. At the congress he presented a poster on the work of EU COST SACURIMA while a follow-up Abstract was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Accompanying photo:  Dr John McNamara with Professor Kazultaka  Kogi,  former  President of ICOH and ILO.


E U Cost Action  SACURIMA Vice Chair Dr John McNamara  participated as an invited panellist in the  EU Agri Research  Conference: Innovating for the Future of Farming and Rural Communities  held in Brussels , Belgium  on 2-3 May 2018. The Conference  considered how to shape the future of agriculture  research and innovation after  2020. Dr McNamara suggested the need  for greater  inclusion of  farmer  related occupational health and safety  in future agri-research programmes.

Accompanying photo: John McNamara (left)  with EU Commission Policy Coordinator   Mr Luis  Vivas- Alegre

ISASH Conference – Halifax, Nova Scotia – June 25, 2018



IV National Congress of Agricultural Engineers- Córdoba 15.10.2018
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The 4th Balkan SCOPH weekend in Zagreb, Croatia

“Safety in Agriculture” was title of presentation presented by Nataša Janev Holcer member of Management Committee of the COST SACURIMA project. 

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