WG1-Working Groups

wg 1 members
This group will study, identify and evaluate the national programmes for occupational safety and health in agriculture in all participating member countries. It will focus on the elements of these programs which have been identified as being of real benefit and effective in improving and maintaining safety standards. The group will document current national programmes and policies and develop key guidelines on the construct of effective national programmes. WG 1 of interested experts will be established in the Management Committee (MC’s) kick-off meeting to coordinate work in this area. WG 1 will work closely with Action Chair (AC) and MC, review preliminary data, gather and analyse new information and report progress in the MC meetings. Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM) are used to collect data from participating countries.


WG1 leader           Martina Jakob, Germany

WG 1 vice leader   Peter Lundqvist, Sweden*

*=WG communications representative